The games have started flowing folks! The lower boxes have properly gotten into their stride and are starting to get interesting! Don’t forget to sign up for Club Champs 2019 on Sporty HQ! latest entry is 3pm Saturday 20th! Elisa is making a dramatic entrance to the mixed boxes with a pair of wins over first Bal (3-0) and then Raghbir (3-0), taking her to 1st place and 9 points clear of the rest of
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Coming to you one day early (you lucky ducks!) here comes your weekly roundup of the battles for position in the boxes! It is now the end of week 2 of the rotation everybody! With Just 6 weeks to go, now is the time to think about setting up those games to make sure you don’t have to cram them all in at the end and risk missing out on those juicy bonus points! Last
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Welcome one and all to a brand new rotation! I’m going to be doing something a little different for the weekly updates this time around. Rather than a match by match account, which towards the end of the rotations can take about 90 minutes a day to pull together, I’m going to do a more general overview of where people are sitting within the boxes and the dramas around them getting there! If anyone wants
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! Roll up! Roll up! It’s time….for a brand new box league rotation! Congratulations to you all on a great rotation! We had 3 boxes complete every single one off their matches and several more very close behind. We had a few stragglers making the last week a real flurry of results, and pretty much changing the final positions in every single box on a daily basis! Not to mention
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And that’s it for another rotation! Apologies in advance this week, as I didn’t have time to get in touch with all of you who valiantly battled through to get all of your games played! I’m taking a look at what other form the weekly update could take, potentially just a synopsis of box positions as opposed to a match by match account, as the time it takes to contact all 55 of you after
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