At Scotstoun Eagles we are proud that we provide the best junior programme in the West of Scotland. Our Programme is delivered by Squashdynamics, Scotland’s leading Squash Coaching Consultancy. Our programme has evolved from small beginnings into a cutting edge junior coaching programme.

We pride ourselves on being able to help all juniors take up squash and fall in love with the game. At Squashdynamics, we subscribe to the ideas and principles of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). LTAD is, put simply, a model that allows us to split the lifecycle of an athlete into different phases, or stages of development, and what the learning priorities would be in each phase. So when a young child takes squash up, we know exactly what skills that should be developed at their age.

There is no expectation or pressure on our juniors to commit to competitive squash, that’s completely up to them – everyone has different motivations. We have the expertise to help all juniors, from those players already representing Scotland, or those who just want to play squash as a casual hobby. Each and every player is important. If our players enjoy squash and play into adulthood then we know we’ve done our job well.

That’s why we make sure that our programme has sessions to develop the skills that are needed at all different ages and stages of development – so that we can be sure our players receive the best coaching possible. Not only do they learn how to play squash (well!) – but most importantly they’ll have a ball (pun intended) doing it!



Our junior pathway has four levels, each aimed at a different stage of development. The first two stages of our pathway are both drop in session, with no need to book in advance. These sessions are welcoming and open to all – squash is about having fun first and foremost. The upper levels are coaching based and invitation only, however the only requirements for entry are being able to sustain practices at that level, and a passion for squash!


A great introductory class for young’uns who love running around and hitting balls off walls. These sessions are for children aged between 5 and 7 years old. Therefore the activities in these classes are designed to help children develop the fundamentals of movement and hand-eye coordination, and helping them learn to play rallies and games. A great learning experience and all whilst having tons of fun!


PlaySquash sessions are our version of a Junior Squash Club. A great session where players can come along with their friends and simply play games against players of a similar standard. These sessions have a deliberate emphasis on playing normal games, to allow the valuable learning that comes from unstructured play. The focus in these sessions is on allowing players to try different game and scoring formats.


The next step for those juniors who want to spend more time on improving their squash. This programme focusses on correcting areas of technique, developing sound movement patterns and good basic patterns of play. This stage normally consists of one group session per week, and may involve some strength and conditioning support. Packages are flexible to suit the needs and goals of the player.


Our top level squad is for those players who need more to take their game to the next level. This programme blends Strength and Conditioning support and invididual coaching with the regular group training sessions that the Athlete will already be doing each week. These sessions will prepare any junior to achieve their goals and works in tandem with regional and national junior programmes.