At Scotstoun, the Team Ladder is the basis for team selection. The following guidelines shall ultimately determine an individual’s position within the Teams.

The more matches that we play, and the more results we enter, the more accurate the Ladder becomes as a reflection of ability within the Club. The Ladder is to be used as a tool, making it easier for Team Captains to select their teams from week to week.

It is important to note that the primary, although not the only, factor taken into consideration by Team Captains in deciding the player positions within the Teams, is the Ladder. Players shall ordinarily be selected in order of their positions in the Ladder.

In the circumstance that the Ladder order conflicts with other meaningful results (e.g. ladder challenges, Box Leagues matches, team matches, competitions), the Team Captain shall use their discretion as to where in the teams the players affected shall play.

Other considerations that the Team Captains may take into account when deciding team order are:

A challenge by a lower ranked player which has resulted in a very narrow victory.
The specific circumstances of a player who is recovering from injury or illness; and,
A player’s commitment to playing regularly in the teams, both home and away.

If a player has a query about their team placing, the Team Secretary shall be the final arbiter.

In order to be selected for the teams on a regular basis, a player must be on the Team Ladder.  Preference will ordinarily be given to players who have made the effort to challenge for their Ladder position. In the event of a shortage of players on any team night, Team Captains will have the discretion to select players who are not on the Ladder. In this circumstance, the player will be chosen to play in an appropriate position, as the Team Captains see fit, and in a way which complies with the League rules.

If you have any comments, issues with selection policy, or a query on your own team placing, please email the Team Secretary at: