The Scotstoun Squash Courts (North) opened in January 2013 in preparation for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, with the South courts opening a month later.

The General Manager for Scotstoun at the time of the squash courts opening was Mark McElwaine, the Glasgowlife Manager responsible for the courts was David Ward (also the SSRC Chairman at the time), and the squash consultant was Martin Woods.

The courts were purpose built for, and used to host, the Glasgow 2014 games, for which there was also a Glass Squash Court erected on the site of the 11 a side football pitch, directly outside the National Badminton Academy. For the Games, the Competition Manager was Linda Davie (the Scotland Team Manager at the time) with Martin Woods as the Technical Operations Manager.

Starting a squash club was a new venture for Glasgowlife, as the only other squash court owned by them was one court at Bellahouston Sports Centre on the South Side of the city. The business plan for the squash club employed a model based on a membership structure and classes for members, as well as court income.

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The club shall be known as and called “The Scotstoun Eagles” (the Club) and will hold affiliation with Scottish Squash and Racketball Ltd and West Squash.


The aims of the Club are:

  • To promote and encourage the sport of Squash, and to further its growth and development in and around Scotstoun, Glasgow and the wider west coast area.
  • To create a culture and environment within the club whereby everyone is encouraged and supported in playing squash, regardless of playing standard, race, gender, age or religious belief.
  • To improve the playing standard of all club members.
OBJECTIVES 2017 – 20

The key objectives of the Club are:

  • To increase club membership in line with the Scotstoun Squash Club Four Year Plan.
  • To achieve an even balance of male and female members within the club.
  • To increase the number of Box Leagues and West of Scotland League Teams which the club runs.
  • To inform the centre management of any maintenance and/or upkeeping needs of the facilities, with the aim of making Scotstoun a premier squash playing facility within Scotland.
  • To implement innovative ways to differentiate the Scotstoun Eagles from other squash clubs in the West of Scotland area.
  • To recruit new coaches into the coaching programme.
  • To run an annual refereeing course through which members can become referees within the club.
  • To hold an annual member’s forum to allow members the opportunity to discuss key issues.

The members of the Club (the Members) shall be those who apply for membership of the Club, are admitted and who have paid the relevant subscription.


Membership fees will be set annually and determined at the Annual General Meeting.
Fees will be paid by annual subscription to the club.


An executive committee (the Committee) will conduct the Club’s administration. The powers vested in the Committee relate generally to the requirements that are necessary to enable the fulfilment of the objectives of the Club. The Committee has the power to:

  • Create such sub-committees as deemed necessary;
  • Act in all matters and employ the Club’s funds in such a manner as deemed most effective and in the best interests of the Club;
  • Fill any vacancies occurring amongst the members of the Committee during the period between the annual elections to offices, up to the next Annual General Meeting by co-opting Members;
  • Invoke disciplinary procedures within the Club as required including the power to require the resignation of any Member for any reason they deem warrants such a step. The reason for demanding such a resignation must be submitted in writing to the member concerned;
  • Sign, on behalf of the Club, any document, deed or contract to be entered into by the Club having been approved by the Committee.

The Committee shall consist of the Members elected annually to the following positions and who shall be the Officers of the Club (the Officers):

  • Chairman (Scotstoun Squash Consultant)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Ladies Captain
  • Gents Captain
  • Social Secretary
  • Social Media Secretary
  • Child Protection Officer
  • Up to four additional elected members
  • Additional members may be co-opted by the Committee as deemed appropriate.

No member of the Committee shall be removed from office except by the approving votes of two-thirds of those present in person at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.
Meetings of the Committee shall be held at regular intervals to discuss all club matters.
A quorum for Committee meetings shall be three members but must include two of the following:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Any Committee Member has the right to veto any proposals, financial or otherwise, that they at their absolute discretion deem to be detrimental to the Club.


The Club Chairman is responsible for:

  • Plan and organise committee meetings.
  • Liaise with the Club Secretary in preparing agendas, making sure that all current issues are covered.
  • Liaise with the Treasurer to ensure that any financial documents are ready for the meeting.
  • Ensure that all relevant documents are either circulated to participants in advance or are to hand at the meeting.
  • Ensure meetings start on time and continues without too much diversion from matters in hand.
  • Make sure that any necessary decisions are taken with a vote if needed. If votes are divided equally, the Chairman has the casting vote.
  • Give everyone at the meeting a chance to speak. Summarise decisions and action points at the end of the meeting.
  • Other duties as agreed with the Club Committee.
  • Liaise directly with the Sports Centre Management to ensure that the club is acting in the best interests of the Centre and vice versa.

The Club Secretary is responsible for:

  • Giving notice of meetings to the members and to the Committee;
  • Issuing the minutes of meetings to club members;
  • Providing information to anyone expressing an interest in joining the club;
  • Other duties as agreed with the Club Committee

The Club Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Keeping proper records of the Club’s financial transactions in accordance with current accepted accounting rules and practices;
  • Developing and implementing control procedures to minimize the risk of financial exposure;
  • Preparing an annual budget for the Club and regularly informing the Committee of progress against that budget;
  • Other duties as agreed with the Club Committee.

The Ladies Captain is responsible for:

  • Assisting with the coordination of the Ladies teams, and representing the best interests of female members within the club.

The Gents Captain is responsible for:

  • Assisting with the coordination of the Open teams, and representing the best interests of male members within the club.

The Social Secretary is responsible for:

  • Ensuring club members are kept up to date with club activities.
  • Management of website and social profiles.
  • Online promotion of club activities to attract new members.

The Social Media Secretary is responsible for:

  • Managing the club social media presence, by promoting the club activities through outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other current social media websites.
  • Arrange for the maintenance and updating of the website.

The Child Protection Officer is responsible for:

  • Ensuring they have an up to date photograph and contact displayed in all relevant places within the facility.
  • Keep the committee informed of any new developments relating to child protection issues.
  • Liaise with all relevant organisations as necessary to effectively perform the role of child Protection Officer, including National Governing Bodies, Sportscotland, Police etc.

The other Committee Members shall be responsible for:

  • Assisting the other Officers of the club in the performance of their duties;
  • Arranging social events and publicising them to club members;
  • Arranging publicity/advertising for the Club and its teams;
  • Securing sponsors and advertisers;
  • Other duties as agreed with the Club Committee.

Each Officer must, on relinquishing his or her appointment, promptly hand to his or her successor (or to another member of the Club nominated by the Committee) all official documents and records belonging to the Club, together with (on request from the Committee) any other property of the Club which may be in his or her possession; and must complete any requirements to transfer authority relating to control of the Club’s bank accounts, building society accounts, or other financial affairs.

Any of the above duties may be delegated by Officers to other Members, but the Officer will still retain responsibility for the execution of those duties.


The following applies to the selection of players;
o Players must participate in the club Box Leagues to be eligible for selection for the West of Scotland League Teams.
o Box league matches count as team challenges.
o If a player beats an opponent once it is down to the respective team captain’s choice with regard to selection for a given team.
o If a player beats the same opponent twice in two consecutive matches then the winning player has the right to be selected ahead of the opponent.
o The Gents and Ladies Captains will host a joint Team meeting prior to each season where the number of teams entered will be agreed upon, team captains selected and pools agreed upon.


Each Member shall:
o Pay the annual subscription to Scotstoun Squash Club and comply with any rule, regulations or bye-laws of the Club;
o Conduct themselves in such a way as to avoid the risk of injury to other Members and/or other users or visitors of the Club and/or damage to the property of the Club, its Members, other users or visitors of the Club;


All club monies will be banked in an account held in the name of the club.
• The Club Treasurer will be responsible for the finances of the club.
• The financial year of the club will end on 31st March each year.
• An audited statement of annual accounts will be presented by the Treasurer at the Annual General Meeting.
Any cheques drawn against club funds should hold the signatures of the Treasurer plus up to two other officers.


The Annual General Meeting (AGM), of the Club shall be held during August of each year.
• Not less than 14 days written notice shall be given to members, stating the business to be transacted and providing a copy of the previous AGM minutes and Balance Sheet.
• Copies of the current Annual Report and current year’s Accounts should be handed to members at the meeting if not available previously.
• Mandatory items for the agenda are:
o Approval of the Previous Minutes and Matters Arising.
o the Annual Report.
o the adoption of the Accounts.
o the appointment of the Auditors.
o the election of the Committee.
o other business (subject to the appropriate notice).

Any other business items should reach the Secretary in writing at least 7 days before the AGM.
All nominations for elections to the Committee shall be proposed and seconded by members entitled to vote at the AGM and should be made in writing to the Secretary at least 7 days before the AGM.
At any AGM the quorum shall be 10 Members who are entitled to vote.


An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by the Committee at any time, stating the business and giving at least 10 days’ notice to the membership, or within one month of a written request to the Secretary signed by at least 10 fully paid up members stating the reason for the meeting requested.
• Voting entitlement and quorum shall be the same as for an AGM.


Voting may be by a show of hands or pre-distributed voting cards.
• The members who are entitled to vote are those who have paid the full annual subscription relevant to the level of membership for which they applied.


Alterations to this Constitution can only be made at an AGM or EGM and requires a 75% majority of those present and entitled to vote at any AGM or EGM.


The Club may be dissolved at any time by the approving votes of two-thirds of those present in person at an AGM or EGM.

In the event of dissolution of the Club, then the assets of the Club shall be converted into cash in order to discharge any liabilities. Any balance remaining must be distributed to another non-profit making body or to another organisation with similar objectives to those of the club.