The Scotstoun Eagles use a Team Ladder to implement a team selection Policy that is fair and transparent.

The aim of this Policy is to provide a structured selection process for individuals wishing to represent the Scotstoun Eagles in teams competing in the West of Scotland League. The Policy shall provide an objective set of selection and positioning criteria such that a player’s position within the teams can be shown to be based on the player’s own merit.


The Team Ladder allows each player to see the positions of other players within the club; and provides a means of challenging those players for a higher position. Movement on the Ladder is achieved by challenging and beating a player higher up the Ladder. Regular challenges are required to ensure that the Ladder reflects, as far as possible, the order of merit within the club. Beyond the Ladder’s primary function of ordering players, it also encourages participation in matches which simulate the pressure experienced in team matches on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Team Ladder Rules:

  1. A player may challenge up to three places above their own position.
    • With the exception of new players in the Ladder.


  1. New players in the Ladder will be granted two free challenges of their choice. This is to allow new players to the Club and competitive team play to find their correct place on the Ladder more quickly.
    • Should the new player lose both free challenges, they shall be placed at the bottom of the Ladder and normal Ladder rules shall apply.


  1. A player can only be involved in one active challenge at a time.
    • If a player is challenged, they must play that challenge match before challenging anyone above them.
    • A challenge may only be sent to a player who is not currently involved in a challenge.
    • Players currently involved in a challenge are highlighted on the Ladder by the presence of a pair of crossed swords.


  1. Challenges that have not been played within three weeks will be deleted.
    • No change in the Ladder will result from deleted challenges.
    • This limit is imposed to ensure other players are not blocked from challenging and progressing up the Ladder due to other players not completing their challenges in a timely manner.


  1. Players can only issue challenges using the crossed-swords button on the Ladder.
    • This automatically generates an email to the challenged player.
      • E-mails are sent to the e-mail address with which the player registered to enter the Team Ladder.
      • It is the challenged players responsibility to regularly check their registered e-mail address for challenges.
    • Challenges issued in this way shall create a transparent record of the challenge history visible to everyone.
    • Challenges issued and played via other methods of communication shall not be recognised as challenges in the Team Ladder.


  1. Box League Matches can be played as a Team Ladder challenge.
    • This is to be agreed by both players prior to the challenge match being played.
    • The challenge should be issued in accordance with Rule 5, prior to the match commencing;
    • If either player is already involved in a challenge, they may not use the arranged Box League match as a challenge match.
    • Retrospective use of a Box League match as the results of a Challenge match shall not be permitted.


  1. The standard scoring for matches will be Point-A-Rally (PAR), to 15.
    • If both players agree, this can be changed to PAR 11 (in line with West Open League Division 1 rules).


  1. All matches must be best of five games.


  1. Double yellow dot ball shall be used.


  1. Incomplete challenges shall have no impact on the Team Ladder.
    • Incomplete matches shall be replayed within three weeks of the original challenge date.
    • Incomplete matches due to injury shall be awarded as a win to either player in accordance with the Rules of Squash (2020).