The Box League Weekly Update!

Welcome back to another weekly update Eagles! We’re now coming to the end of week 4 of this rotation and things are getting feisty!

There are now only 4 weeks left in this rotation folks, plenty of time to get your games in, but it’s time to start thinking about getting started if you haven’t already!

in Box 2 Paul Wynne has already played all of his games following 2 more this week. Unfortunately both ended in defeats, first to Taso (3-0) and then to Jonny (3-0). This leaves Paul with enough points to claim 2nd place, but he won’t be holding his position for long I fear. All it would take is for any of the others below him in the box to play each other and the victor would instantly jump above him. Paul will undoubtedly be turning his attention to club champs and very much pouring every effort into reaching the finals!

Box 3 sees its first game of the rotation, with a victory for Brian over Edith in a 5 game thriller! Edith managed to take the fist 2 games relatively comfortably, but ultimately fell to Brian after 2 very close games and a tie breaker that went Brian’s way. There are some very big names in this box and both Edith and Brian will be fighting hard to maintain position! Perhaps having peoples focus directed on club champs could play to their favour!

In box 7 Archie leap-frogs Scott to take 1st place after a 3-2 belter against Garry Wotherspoon. The newcomer isn’t far behind him however, with a victory over Scott already recorded, he has every chance of chasing Archie up to the finish line in 4 weeks time!

In box 9 the running order is starting to become apparent after Angela takes another win, this time over Janine (3-1), putting her well clear of Hugh in 2nd place. Hugh is making every effort to stay on Angela’s heels however, recording a 3-0 win over Paula to keep him in 2nd place, but his game in hand will not be enough to catch Angela yet. It’s going to be the games against Angus and Gordon that define the results of this box! Alex is also making himself known and is definitely not out of the race for a promotion spot, with 2 games in hand and some interesting matches coming up, he too could be the wild card that topples Angela’s reign at the top!

Box 10 also finds itself in a very interesting situation. Ann has taken a 3-0 win off of Raghbir, meaning that now all of the currently active participants have played each other, and the probable final positions have been made clear. Ann is currently 3 points clear up at the top, with Elisa in 2nd place a comfortable 5 points ahead of Raghbir, and Bal in 4th 4 points behind Raghbir. With all 4 now only needing to play the remaining 2 players in the box, it could all come down to who gets their games in and who doesn’t. But if all games are played, it’s really now just a battle for 2nd place as Ann sits comfortably in an unassailable position in the promotion zone!