The Box League Weekly Update!

The games have started flowing folks! The lower boxes have properly gotten into their stride and are starting to get interesting!

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Elisa is making a dramatic entrance to the mixed boxes with a pair of wins over first Bal (3-0) and then Raghbir (3-0), taking her to 1st place and 9 points clear of the rest of the pack! I can see plenty of opportunity though for the rest of that box, and 1st place is by no means guaranteed for the newcomer!

Angela gets herself off to a similar flying start in Box 9 with another win, this time against Alex (3-1), but with points to her opponents for the games she dropped, things are even more up for grabs there. In particular I can’t see Alex being content with 3rd place! It’s gonna get feisty!

The real upset so far is in box 7, where Scott flying high off of his win against Mr Ramsay thought he’d have an easy time of it! It was not to be though, with another newcomer, Garry putting him right in his place with a 3-2 victory! Archie Niven also stakes his claim to position in the box with a win over David Naylor. So far Scott is hanging on to 1st place thanks to the 2 games he took off of Garry, but it’s by the fingernails! Both Garry and Archie are going to be gunning for that top spot, and with a game in hand each, Scott is going to have to pull something special out of the bag!

Angela is back! Can she be stopped?! This time with a 3-2 win over Paula, taking her an incredible 12 points clear at the top of the box! The only thing now separating what was left behind from Angela’s storming rampage to the top of the box is that both Paula and Hugh managed to take 2 games from her before she ran off into the sunset! Can any of them catch up?! Hugh is certainly making a go of it, a 3-0 win against Janine keeps him within touching distance of Angela, but both of them have some tough matches ahead!

Robyn is once again picking up points, this time leaving Alaisdair by the wayside, in a 3-1 victory making it clear that she won’t be pushed aside easily as she keeps on charging towards the top boxes and a proper challenge!

Box 10 is getting interesting! The tussle for second place has begun behind Elisa with Ann taking a 3-1 win over the newcomer (goan yer sel Ann!) and Raghbir bounces back from his defeat against Elisa to take a 3-0 win over Bal. The extra game played keeps Raghbir a point clear of Ann but things are definitely going to be interesting going forward!

Archie Niven is making it clear that his win over David was no fluke, taking an other win, this time a 3-2 slog against Scott. Scott must be starting to feel that shoogly peg wobble as Archie comes racing up behind him. Scott is going to need the wins in his 2 remaining games to keep himself relatively comfortable!

Box 2 is getting interesting too with Mr Treon beginning to pull ahead of the pack after taking a 3-0 win from Jonny. Craig Bennet throws his hat in the ring, with a 3-2 thriller against Mr Wynne, this pulls him up to share 2nd place in the box but with a game in hand he certainly has the advantage. This one could just come down to who gets their games played in time!

In a crushing blow for me, Ben takes first blood in Box 4! if it weren’t for the fact I managed to salvage a game i’d be distraught! Nonetheless Ben takes the lead in Box 4 while I trial behind with my 2 points!

Spoke too soon! It’s not over yet this week for Box 10! Ann clocks in a 3-0 victory over Bal to take her just 2 point shy of the top spot and with a game in hand. This is going to be a tight box!