It’s New Rotation Time!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! Roll up! Roll up! It’s time….for a brand new box league rotation!

Congratulations to you all on a great rotation!

We had 3 boxes complete every single one off their matches and several more very close behind. We had a few stragglers making the last week a real flurry of results, and pretty much changing the final positions in every single box on a daily basis! Not to mention that the final point counts came out very close all across the league, showing some healthy competition and a real drive to catch those points!

We’re saying farewell for now to several players not returning to the next rotation, several to injury and several more to exams (good luck!), and even a few to leaving the country. We’ll hopefully see them back at the club in the future!

We are however saying hello to some new players! Welcome, make yourself at home, get those games in and enjoy!

And welcome back to another couple, back from injury and chomping at the bit to prove themselves!

This next rotation is going to be 7 weeks long ending on Firday 24th of May, so plenty of time for all of your box matches, and a challenge match along the way as well for those hoping to climb the ladder in the teams! This will also to take into account all of those lovely Easter Holidays (you lucky bunch!).

With the Club champs also going on during this period, make sure you get your games in early so there isn’t a critical shortage of courts, ye be warned!

As is (now) tradition here comes the stats dump!

The top 5 points winners from last rotation were:

1) Jaime Sotelo – 29 points

2)Alex Yovanovitch – 25 points

3)Finlay McGhee– 22 points

3) Jonny Neil– 22 points

3) Edward Doyle – 22 points

All games played:

Finlay McGhee, Jonny Neil, Brian Canty, George Allan, Edith MacKenzie, Ben Dreyer, Edward Doyle, Adrian Curtis, Euan McGarvie, Andy Cramb, Andrew O’Connor, Ben Anderson, James Martin, David Naylor, Scott McAlpine, Archie Niven, Neil McBeth, Sophia Grant, Jaime Sotelo, aaaaaaaaaand Janine Thomson!

Best win/lose ratios:

1) Jaime Sotelo +5

2) Finlay McGhee  +4

2) Jonny Neil  +4

2) Edward Doyle +4

2) Peter McGowan +4

2) Janine Thomson +4

The big movers! These are the largest changes in overall position since the start of the year, onwards and upwards you champs!

  1. Pravin Surianarayanan   +15 (as Pravin is leaving us to head back East, this will unfortunately be as high as Pravin will climb, although I’m sure he could have gone a lot further, Haste Ye Back!)
  2. Edward Doyle   +15
  3. Robyn McAlpine +15 (gulp!)
  4. Adrian Curtis +11
  5. Andrew Stirrat +11 (also leaving us for this rotation)

Well done!

Have fun everyone!

And good luck!