The Box League Weekly Update!

Welcome one and all to a brand new rotation!

I’m going to be doing something a little different for the weekly updates this time around. Rather than a match by match account, which towards the end of the rotations can take about 90 minutes a day to pull together, I’m going to do a more general overview of where people are sitting within the boxes and the dramas around them getting there! If anyone wants to get in touch and give feedback on their matches I’ll be extremely grateful, but I’ll be a lot less on the ball about sending out requests for comment, unless it was a particularly influential match for standings in the respective box.

That being said, off we go!

Week one has been a quite one with just the one game played in the two days available. Box 7 sees its first tie breaker of the rotation, between Scott and Ramsay. It’s early days but I’m expecting to see a lot of tight results in the very evenly matched box 7!