The Box League Weekly Update!

Coming to you one day early (you lucky ducks!) here comes your weekly roundup of the battles for position in the boxes!

It is now the end of week 2 of the rotation everybody! With Just 6 weeks to go, now is the time to think about setting up those games to make sure you don’t have to cram them all in at the end and risk missing out on those juicy bonus points!

Last week I played a warm up match against Robyn before her trip over to Dublin for the 5 nations, where she represented Scotland. I came out victorious….Just! Normally I’d keep my voice down about having beaten a 12 year old, and even more so had I lost! But it was a seriously close match! All of this means I can sympathise completely with Andy Cramb who fell to Robyn’s vicious precision in Box 5. The rest of the guys in that box are going to have a seriously hard time to anything other than battle for second place! At 3-2 the match was hardly a walkover, but persistence and endless stamina, Robyn is a real threat!

Angela is also making a splash down in Box 9 with a win over friend and Box League newcomer Hugh. Hugh joined the boxes on Angela’s recommendation and may be feeling a bit miffed that the first thing she did was take him to the cleaners! It’s a tough box for this pair, and I think they’ll have to fight hard to keep a hold of 1st and 2nd places. There is one more wild card in the form of Gordon Marquis who is also new to the boxes and could throw a racket in the works to upset the whole set-up, but lets wait and see!

Up at the top end of the boxes the Pauls throw down as Mr Treon battles to regain his position in box one that he lost at the end of last rotation. A 3-1 victory against Mr Wynne is certainly a good step in the right direction but this will be another tough box, with Taso making his reappearance and everybody else hungry to challenge the guys up in box 1!

Things are getting interesting down in Box 7 with Archie taking a win over David Naylor to secure joint 1st place with Scott. I can see these two battling for dominance over the course of this rotation, but it’s going to be tight with a lot of keen individuals sharing the box!