Welcome to a brand new rotation!

Hello everyone!

Congratulations on a great rotation everybody!

We got a lot of engagement for the first rotation of the year, with several boxes maxing out and completing all of their games! Unfortunately a few injuries as well, but hopefully we’ll be seeing some triumphant returns to the leagues soon.

Thank you to everyone who provided comments for the weekly updates, they’re new, so let me know in the comments in the facebook page if you think there’s anything that needs to change.

This next rotation is going to be 6 weeks long ending on the last Friday of March, so plenty of time for all of your box matches, and a challenge match along the way as well for those hoping to climb the ladder in the teams!

As is (now) tradition here comes the stats dump for those that care!

The top 5 points winners from last rotation were:

1) Finlay McGhee– 27 points

2) Paul Treon– 24 points

3) Pravin Surianarayanan – 22 points

4) Paula Dillon – 22 points

5) James Martin – 21 points

All games played:

Finlay McGhee, Paul Treon, James Crowhurst, Tom Blakeman, Craig Rothnie, Pravin Surianarayanan, Paul Hannah, Euan McGarviee, Russell Forsyth, Edward Doyle, James Martin, Andrew Widelko, Kirsten Mackenzie, Archie Niven, Scott McAlpine, Noemie Colcombet, Sophia Grantm Andrew Stirrat, Angela Hopkinson, Angus Ackay, Janine Thomson, Paula Dillon, Ann Wilber

Best win/lose ratios:

1) Finlay McGhee   +4

1) Paula Dillon  +4

1) Pravin Surianarayanan  +4

4) Paul Treon  +3

4) Robyn McAlpine +3

4) Kirsten Mackenzie  +3

4) Sophia Grant +3

The big movers! These are the largest changes in position since the start of last rotation, onwards and upwards you champs!

  1. Pravin Surianarayanan   +7
  2. Edith Mackenzie   +6
  3. Archie Niven +6
  4. Edward Doyle +6
  5. Ruairidh Davison +5

Well done!

Have fun everyone!

And good luck!