The Box League Weekly Update!

This is the first of it’s kind for the club so bare with me while I find the right tone, but what I’m aiming for is an update on the dramas, trials and tribulations in the battle for position in the box leagues from week to week. Successes will be celebrated, ongoing head to head stats examined, and how the results affect the current standings. Should be fun! Drop a comment to let me know what you think!

A quiet start to the new rotation! Only two matches to comment on this week, but both went down to the wire!

Down in the scrappy middle of the field in Box 5 this young upstart reporter took on the incumbent king of the drop and lob Mr Paul Hannah, returned from a 6 month absence from the boxes to stake his claim once more. From the start I knew sloppy drives would be the end of me, so tight long drives and pin-point accurate drops would lead me to victory! Alas, it was not to be. A first game to the “youngster” (15-13) was quickly shown up as a fluke, with a blazing return to the box leagues with the classy drop shots he is renowned for, Mr Hannah took the second (7-15) and then the third (12-15). Not one to throw in the towel, I composed myself, drew strength from the wisdom of my coaches, and played a couple of passable long drives to return the match to an even score (15-11). It was all to play for in the fifth, the sweat rained, the lets flew, but ultimately the impeccable lobs from Mr Hannah brought the match to a close (14-16) with the ball ending the match dead in the back right corner! This marks the Second 3-2 defeat for me against Paul, there will not be another!

And up at the top end of the quality spectrum, James Crowhurst claims a victory over Craig Rothnie in a sweltering 5 game meat grinder! Breaking the 1-1 head to head standoff, Mr Crowhurst brought his determination to bare to win his 115th recorded match. In a quote from the victor, the 55 minute slog was likened to a naked wrestling match in a sauna, with equal amounts of sweat, tears, sexual tension and ‘ball bashing’, until eventually Mr Crowhurst’s white shirt “became so sweaty it went see through, thus distracting Mr Rothnie in the final game”! One can only hope the quality of squash was on a par with Mr Crowhurst’s imagination!

A message of commiseration from the ‘other’ Craig, stated humbly “The Bennet variety has never lost to the Crow” #gauntletthrown!

Roll on week two of this rotation where I’m sure there will be even more upsets and triumphs!