The Box League Weekly Update!

Welcome to the weekly update! It’s been a very active week down in the lower boxes, with some new faces making dramatic leaps to the top! With no games yet played in boxes 2, 3, 4 & 7, this is your 3 weeks left warning! Get playing Eagles!

Everyone is looking forward to the Open this weekend, and who can say if the extra practise this week will make the difference!

Box 10

Alex vows to increase the variation in his shot selection following a defeat to Raghbir (3-2). With Janine reigning supreme in Box 10 at the moment, this could be the win Raghbir needs to challenge her, at the very least he’ll be hoping it’s enough to secure second place! Still plenty of time left though!

Janine claims her first victory of the rotation over Claire (3-0). Claire claims she’s been out of practice for some time which contributed to the defeat to an on form Janine, she’ll be looking to regain some confidence over the next few games and come back swinging! (get it?)

In what is becoming the standard for Ms Thomson she takes another win, this time against Ragbhir (3-0). Janine left Ragbhir in the dust this time, with well placed serves and determination in the 2nd game when Ragbhir made a comeback. Could this win be the one that keeps her closest challenger in check?

Janine continues to dominate at the top of the box with a 3-2 win over Esme! In a fun match between the pair, maintaining the tradition of being extremely close, Janine takes the biscuit this time with focus on her serves. Esme reflected she needs to focus more on anticipating Janine’s shots and aiming for the back of the court more often to force Janine off of the T. Can anyone stop this woman?!

Box 9

Jaime takes his winning streak a step further with a nice victory over Paula (3-0). After taking a game to warm up Paula got into it and gave Jaime a really good match. Paula seems to have up’d her game under the careful scrutiny of coach Allan, just a shame he left at such a crucial moment!

And once again Jaime takes a victory to cement his place at the top of the box, this time over Angela (3-1). Dropping only one point in the first game Angela knew she was in for a tough one! She managed to get a game under her belt but couldn’t hold back the tide. The cheeky banter from the new comer may have been a distraction for Angela with accusations of laziness flying about I’d certainly understand! The rematch will most definitely be one to watch!

Angus makes his entry into the rotation with a nice win over Paula, who was saving herself for a competitive match later in the day. With this win Angus keeps himself in contention for the top stop in Box 9, He’s not going to just let Jaime run away with it!

Peter came off the back of his defeat to Jaime, to take a well deserved win against a (to be fair) injury impaired Angus (3-0). Angus is hoping for a rematch some time soon, he needs more time to get used to the shear power Peter can put behind the ball! With this win, Peter keeps himself in contention at the top end of box 9, on-wards and upwards from here!

In a very close game with Jaime, Richard makes his debut to the rotation, winning 3-1. Richard claims Jaime was playing extremely well, but managed to finally put a stop to Jaime’s triumphant march through box 9! After taking the first game Jaime lost out on 3 game points in the 2nd paving the way for Richard to gain momentum and sweep up the next 2 games.

Box 8

In this epic of a game, Scott takes a victory to a very much on form Neil (3-0)! Scott claims to a large number of mistakes particularly on the drop shots, giving Neil a lot of opportunities to rack up the points and take the lead deep into the 2nd and 3rd games. Re-focusing and keeping the ball long and narrow to the wall kept the games falling in Scott’s favor however, leading him to victory! All he needs to do now, is keep that focus in every game!

In a great game against Archie Niven, Scott manages to pull off a crucial win to maintain position in the box (3-1). Scott was forced heavily on his length game to keep the youngster out of the front of the court where almost every single one of Scott’s drops were being picked up. Hard low cross-courts and a steady return of service kept Scott on top though. Highlight of the match – not a single sweary word from Mr McAlpine! (I know right! how?!). Archie is reported to be seriously (well not that seriously) considering using his smaller stature to his advantage next time, and cut off Mr McAlpine at the knees! #watchyourback!7

Box 6

Match number 2 in box 6 goes to Mr Anderson, with a nice win over Stewart Ramsay (3-0). Stewart had nothing but praise for Ben’s great control of the pace of the game, leaving him time to find his length and make it very hard for Stewart to play a winning shot. Ben puts thee win down to his improved fitness and decision making when it came to shot selection. Although an absolute gent, Ben needs to watch his back! Stewart claims the after-match games went his way, making the preceding defeat murder-inducing! ye be warned!

Robyn continues her victorious strides up the boxes with another win, this time over Ben Anderson (3-1), who came in confident off of his win over Stewart earlier in the week. With Robyn’s commitment to getting to every single shot and continually improving her shot selection and control, Ben struggled to keep up. According to Ben it was still a very enjoyable match and although getting steamrolled in the 2nd (15-5) was happy to come away with a game under his belt. Can anyone stand in this girls way!?

Box 5

I finally manage to break my losing streak folks! In an extremely tight set of games against Mr Andy Cramb (3-1). With nothing more than a 3 point difference in every game, it was a battle against Andy’s precision and my freakishly long lunges! thankfully long skinny legs still count for something in this crazy world!

Box 1

Paul v James (3-0)