The Box League Weekly Update!

Welcome to a brand new rotation folks! Things are already off to a great start with games all over the place! With the Open coming up at the start of March this is a great opportunity to get in a few extra practice games to hone your skills before the big event!

Box 10

Its a good start for Angela at the front end of this rotation with a 3-1 vicotry over Ms Paula Dillon. Paula took the first game which got Angela worried, but the pressure seems to have done wonders and inspired her to take the next three games in quick succession. Angela says there were a lot of good rallies, and even points won off the serve! go you!

Jaime v Peter (3-0)

In a match between two first-timers to the box leagues Jaime takes his first steps to glory through a victory against Peter McGowan (3-0). This was the first competitive game for both players and they’ll definitely have come away with some things to work on. Peter in particular is determined to be focusing more on keeping his serves in to avoid giving away cheap points. Looking forward to seeing how these to get on as the rotation continues.

Box 8

In the first game of the rotation for Box 8, Neil takes the first steps towards victory with a hard match against Sophia (3-2), who managed to take the first 2 games but let the match slip through her fingers as Neil struggled back. With some great rallies making up a very enjoyable match, this’ll be one Neil remembers for a while! Plenty of time for Sophia to take the top spot off him though!B

Box 6 

In a profanity laden first match for Box 6 Robyn manages an epic 3-2 win over Alaisdair, luckily according to her father it’s nothing she hasn’t heard before (phew!)Robyn took the points by exhausting her older opponent by moving him around the court as much as possible and playing the safe shots consistently. She’ll have her sights on the top spot so watch out Box 6!

Box 5

In the first weekend of the new rotation Ed Doyle places his sights firmly on the top spot in box 5! With a glorious win over myself (3-0) where Ed’s fast, low, long balls were just too consistently perfect width and kept me in my place! It was then straight into a 3-1 slog with Adrian which puts Ed firmly in prime position ahead of his well deserved holiday this week! The match against Adrian looks to have been one of the closest I’ve seen! 4 games, 2 tie breaks, and the other 2 with no more than 3 points difference! Adrian will be looking for revenge soon I’m sure!

Box 1

Finlay v Paul (3-1)