The Box League Weekly Update!

The results are in ladies and gentlemen! The last few matches of the rotation made all the difference. Make sure to check out the monthly roundup for the usual stats and check out the biggest movers in the league! And keep an eye out for the next rotation which will be dropping over the weekend!

Box 10

Paula v Ann (3-2)

Box 8

Archie v Noemie (3-0)

In a change of tactic that paid off for Scott, slowing the pace, increasing the concentration on each shot, and increased accuracy let Scott find the length on his straight drives and take the match against Noemie 3-0. Noemie was focused on intercepting the ball for the volley drop at every possible opportunity, so accuracy and good tight balls were the key for Mr McAlpine! Although unfortunately not enough to move Scott into promotion territory, could it be enough to save him from relegation?!7

Box 6

Ed v Adrian (3-1)

In a weirdly strung out match that lasted 2 weeks Ed Doyle (finally!) manages to take the win! This is a match that started 2 weeks ago, and was suspended after a broken racket and a very generous offer to reschedule for the remainder of the match at a later date. From 2-0 down after the first leg Adrian managed to pull back a game in leg 2 before finally succumbing in the 4th to fall 3-1 . This win puts Ed comfortably at the top of Box 6, with only 1 day to go before the end of the rotation!

Box 4

Edith jumps to the top of Box 4 with a tidy win over Andrew O’Connor (3-1)! In what is becoming a pattern for Edith, she managed to keep the rallies going, forcing the pace for the opponent, that Andrew was unable to keep up. Andrew commented that finally his drops were starting to hit the mark, but Edith’s initiative taking when he was running out of steam kept the match in her favour! With only one more game to play to pick up those tasty bonus points, Edith is perfectly placed to maintain her position for the end of the rotation!

In a close game that went right to the wire in terms of time, Ruairidh managed to take the match against Andy Cramb 3-1! In what couldd be the last game of the rotation in this box, it could be the difference between 3rd and 4th place for Ruairidh!

Box 2

In an extremely tight match defined by attacking play to the front of the court, Abid manages to scoop the win against MrBennett (3-2)! Although he puts it down to luck on the most part, this could be the victory for Abid that brings the confidence back up following a 3 month lay-off last year! It’s certainly enough to move him up into promotion territory!

Box 1

Finlay v Tom (3-0)

In a double blow for Mr Rothnie, he falls to Finlay (3-0) who outpaced Craig to comfortably take his place in 2nd, and to Paul Treon (3-1) who with his son watching, couldn’t fail to succeed, joining Finlay in joint 2nd!

Finlay v Paul (3-1)