The Box League Weekly Update!

Box 10

In a two pronged attack that leaves her in joint first with Ms Ann Wilbur, Paula Dillon makes her triumphant debut to this rotation with double wins against first Claire (3-1) and the Raghbir (3-1). Despite a lost ball during her game against a much improved Raghbir, Paula took control of the game, though according to her, whoever was serving tended to come out best! Paula is clearly keen to climb the ladder, will these wins be enough to secure promotion?

Claire puts her recent defeat against Ragbhir (3-0) to a lack of mental focus. Although if the reports can be believed Raghbir is definitely on the war-path! He’s been putting in the hours and is reaping the benefits. Claire has promised to focus a lot more on getting back to the T in future matches and chasing every single point. Lets see if it pays off!

Esme puts this 3-0 win over Ann down to maintaining a steady focus on her game, with practices the preceding two days. You can’t deny that keeping your eye in regularly definitely helps with the quality in a match! Ann commented she lost focus, but that the first 2 games in particular had some good rallies showcasing how far these two have come recently.

Box 9

Angela stakes her claim to the top of the box with a win over Angus (3-0) although perhaps not at his fittest after three nights out on the trot (good effort!) Angela takes the win alongside those beautiful bonus points for completing all of her games this rotation. Goan yer sel!

Although not quite able to take the full 5 points from her match against Andrew (2-3) Sophia does manage to claim the top spot in Box 9 with help of the bonus points for finishing all of her matches! Each time these two titans of the game meet, its always a close one, and always to 5 games! Sophia put this defeat down to running out of steam following a West of Scotland league match earlier in the evening. She’ll be looking for a win next time!

In an unfortunate end to Andrews jumps up the box table, he loses this one to Angus 3-0. However, with the point for taking part AND those bonus point for finishing up all of his games for this rotation, Andrew takes the three points he needs to leap-frog Angela to claim second place! Angus puts his victory down to Andrew having run out of steam after his game against Sophia minutes earlier and recent work on his own general fitness. His drop shot work made up the entirety of the comedic aspect of the game, but was clearly good enough to win the day!

Box 8

In one of Archie’s best performances on court, Archie takes a 3-1 victory over Andrew Widelko, to climb up to 3rd place and a god shout at climbing higher still! Archie puts the win down to committing to every point, and chasing everything down, which led to tight games and a good result for him in the end.

Box 7

In a good competitive game between Robert Philips and Neil McBeth (3-0), described by both players as a lot of fun, takes Robert into the top half of the box, with a real chance at the top spot! In the end this match came down to 20-18 in the third and ended with what is reported as an absolutely glorious backhand volley drop from Mr Philips, something Neil will be looking at reading a lot more closely next time around!

James puts this victory over Neil McBeth (3-0) down to slightly better hitting into space, given that the two players are of fairly even ability. Jame’s work on getting back to the T helped him out, letting him attack the ball faster, gaining control of the games. This win puts James into second place, but can he hold onto it?!

Robyn v James (3-0)

In a tough game against James Martin, Robyn takes the game 3-0 by managing to take advantage of James finding it hard on this occasion to find his cross-court width, and getting her volleys in, taking advantage of cutting down the amount of time he had to respond. This win puts Robyn up at the top of box 7, but can she hold onto it with the end of the rotation approaching?!

Box 6

Box 6 is off and running! First of all with a win for Ed over Rachel (3-1). With most of the games still to be played though, this box is still very much up for grabs!

Ed v Rachel (3-1)

In a tight game of long rallies Adrian clocks up his first victory over Rachel (3-0), where slowing down the pace and taking his time on shot selection gave him the match!

Box 5

In a tight match Pravin guarantees his place at the top of the box with a 3-2 win over Russell. Russell commented that he really needs to work on his killer instinct, however he did manage to get a lot of backhand practice against Pravin, who is a keen advocate of the long game! Pravin graciously commented that Russell is by far the fastest player he’s come across….in the 60+ category! With this win Pravin snags those illustrious bonus points for playing all his games and makes his position at the top of the box unassailable. The only thing to be determined now, is who will take second place?!

Paul secures second place! In a tight game against Russel (3-1), Paul snags the final 5 points and a bonus pair for completing his last game of the rotation. Russell commented he enjoyed the game, though he still needs to gt used to playing a larger variety of players and styles! Paul noted that for “one of the oldest men to play the game of squash”, Russell was incredibly agile! Thems fightin’ words for an extremely gracious winner!

Box 4

In a good win for Andrew O’Connor over Ruairidh (3-1), Andrew makes his reentry to the box leagues after an extended illness. He comments that fitness is still his biggest issue, alongside coming up with some quality drop shots, something he’ll be working on in future! Rhuairidh was a little disappointed following this defeat, having lost his head a little during the middle two games, but there’s always next time!

In a good close game, Edith manages to take 5 points off of Ruairidh! It was Ruairidh’s fitness that let him down on this occasion, with Edith favoring longer rallies, that moved Ruaridh around the court until he ran out of steam. This win takes Edith up into second place with plenty of reach left to challenge the top of the box!

Box 3

Box 2

In Box 2 Raymond cements his place at the top of the box with a victory over Brian Canty (3-2). Raymond claims to have been showing off his generous side by taking the first two games but deciding Brian could do with the points allowed him to come back to even before leaping in to take the last game and the victory. Something tells me Brian’s assessment of the match may be somewhat different!

Abid v Raymond (3-2)

Raymond describes himself as properly gutted after losing to Abid (3-2) from 13-13 in the fifth! A hugely tight match that none-the-less gives Raymond plenty of points and keeps him at the top of Box 2, With so many games played, he is definitely taking advantage of the participation points that can make all the difference when the box ends!

Box 1

In a run of three games in a row for Mr Crowhurst he manages to take the 5 points in his game against Tom (3-1), but has to settle for 4 in a 7am match against Paul (3-2) which went to 15-13 in the 5th, and a solitary single point from Finlay (3-0) who was allegedly able to sweep James under the carpet while also smoking a cigar! #Skills