The Box League Weekly Update!

Hello and welcome to the box league weekly update! With only one week to go, the pressure is mounting to get those crucial points up on the board! Several people have now snagged those glorious bonus points for playing all their matches, which can make all the difference in the end!

Box 9

In what is becoming an epic rivalry, Angela describes the desperation of chasing an elusive victory in this 5 game slog against Sophia. The match ended up with both players exhausted and happy with a good match that could have gone either way, but it was Sophia who took the points to cement her place at the top of box 9. Angela is still hoping to hold on to second place so she can follow Sophia for a rematch! Watch your back Sophia!

In a dramatic lunge for the top of the table Andrew Stirrat takes two matches in one day! Janine fell ( 3-1) during a completely profanity-free match! Janine says that could have been the problem, and seems set on returning to form next time! And on the same evening Angela also took a hit, with Andrew taking that one 3-0. Angela puts the loss down to being out of position, something she’ll be working on in the future. This is a complete flip of the last time these two met, another fierce rivalry in the making!

Janine continues her sweary-word-free run with another unfortunate loss to Angus Mackay (3-0). Janine came away smiling however from her last match of the box, giving her the bonus 2 points, keeping her just clear of the bottom of the box, with one week to go though will it be enough?!

Box 8

In a game of ‘proper squash’ Andrew Widelko takes the 5 points with a 3-0 victory over Scott McAlpine. Two close games with only a couple of points between the two ultimately led to a disappointing 3rd for Scott who puts the loss down to Andrew hitting his stride, and himself lacking in recent match experience, edginess not allowing him to relax into the games, and a lack of focus on hitting his target as opposed to rushing a smash as hard as possible. Next time Scott!

Box 7

Robyn secures her first victory over Robert Philips (3-0) after a recent bout of games between the two which were close but ultimately went Roberts way. This one was a 45 minute battle, with quality rallies in every point, taking Robyn to the top of the box!

Stewart retakes the top spot! in a pair of games against James Martin (2-3) and Neil McBeth (3-2). Stewart has only one more game to play against Robert to get those glorious bonus points, but with Robyn having two more to play will it be enough?

Robert clocks in his first victory of the rotation over James Martin (3-2) moving him up to the same position as Robyn, 2 to play and the top of the box well within his grasp!

Box 5

Pravin wins a double on Wednesday night! In a combination team league and box league game, Pravin took this strapping young reporter to school! Pravin played his lines perfectly, waiting patiently for the easy point, and subsequently took the match 3-0. (Toot my own horn warning) However! with the point for showing up and the bonus points for playing all of my matches, I now sit a precarious single point clear at the top of the box. Will Pravin or Paul knock me off my pedestal? watch this space!