The Box League Weekly Update!

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Happy Friday everyone! And welcome to the next weekly update in the January rotation!

We’re starting to get into the meat of the games now, with people vying for position and promotion, with great games in almost every box!

Box 10 

In Box 10 the story this week is all about Ann Wilber, and her triumphant strides to the top of the box. Ann has staked her claim to the top spot on back to back victories against both Raghbir (3-0) and Claire (3-0). Ann says she’s focusing on movement and getting back to the T after every shot, it’s working so far! With these victories Ann has now won more matches than lost them, go Ann!

Box 9

Things have kicked off in box 9 with a victory for Sophia over Janine (3-0). In a scrappy box where everyone is capable of taking the top spot, will this first victory pave the way for Sophia to make the jump up in the next rotation? Janine commented that she’s getting closer to Sophia so she should be on guard! #fightin’words!

Box 7

Box 7 is heating up with a flurry of games this week!

Robyn McAlpine clocks in a victory against Neil McBeth (3-0) and a defeat against Stewart Ramsay (0-3), but takes the bonus point for playing, to keep her at 6 points for the moment.

Stewart manages to pip Robyn to the top spot by managing to take a game during his defeat to Andrew Cadamy (1-3), Proving that every point counts come the end of the rotation!

Box 5

In a match defined by lucky as hell shots off the rim of the racket, this dashing (we all know it’s true!) young box league reporter managed to finally break his box league losing streak, with a win over Mr Russel Fortsyth. Russel managed to wipe the smile off my smug face with a win in the second game, but a tight rein on the pace of the 3rd and 4th games swung them my way. This is something I’ve been working on for a while now, and keeping a slower pace is definitely helping with my accuracy. Russel claims Mr Hannah is next in his sights, it will be interesting to see how Russel’s quick drives come up against the notorious lob-drop master!

Box 4

Things have kicked off in box 4 this week with George Allan storming to the top of the box with victories over Edith (3-0) and Andy Cramb (3-0). Standing 9 points proud now it’s going to be a fair challenge for any of the other contenders to catch him! Not that it can’t be done! George finds himself in a box of determined players, with Ruairidh Davison, Fraser Thomson and Andrew O’Connor all still to play!

Box 3

In the first game of the rotation for box 3, Paul Wynne takes a tasty 5 points from Ben Dreyer to put him at the top of the box. In a match between two notorious hard hitters, it was the drop shots and high serves that claimed the victory for Mr Wynne. Considering that Paul admitted having organised the game under the assumption it was Ben LEIL that would be turning up, that’s not a bad wee first result for Mr Wynne, clearly hoping to get himself back into box 2 following relegation last rotation.

Box 2

Raymond Brown v Jonny Neil (3-2) This one was described by both players as a lung busting slog! Incredible claims of wall slicking in the guise of wiping off sweat are being blamed for the ever lengthening games eventually going Mr Browns way. Props to these guys for pulling off a 9am Box Match too! good effort fellas!

Box 1

Up in box 1 Taso manages to take his 58th recorded match (3-1) against Mr Crowhurst in dramatic fashion! After comfortably taking the first, and taking Crow to game point in the second, Taso unleashed his secret weapon, ‘The Greek Shank’! Ever a man of peace, Crow gracefully stood down, to concede the second 16-14. Although unable to keep Crow in his place in the 3rd, Taso eventually finishes off Mr Crowhurst in the 4th.

This keeps crow at the top of the box for now by a clear 2 points, but there’s obviously some tight competition at the top! This brings the head to head record back to an even one each between these two titans of the game!

That’s a wrap folks on another Box League Weekly Update (BLWU? – needs work doesn’t it?)! Keep the matches flowing and forgive my messaging for comment out of the blue, on which note, if you do not want your games to appear in the update feel free to let me know and with no questions asked, old posts can be edited and new ones done while glossing over your valuable contribution to the heart of Scotstoun Squash Club 🙂