Box League Weekly Update

Welcome to the last week of the rotation everybody! With the rotation ending next Friday, there is still some time to get those last couple of games in!

Box 1 saw Craig Rothnie taking a 3-0 win over Raymond to almost guarantee his place in the top box next rotation. Raymond is in a precarious position, he’ll be hoping for a win against either of the other two players in the box to maintain his position, whereas a win for either of them against anyone else could push Raymond down to box 2.

No changes this week for Box 2, with everyone still technically capable of making the promotion bracket. Paul Treon is sitting in the top spot, with Paul Wynne in a very close second. However, having played all of his matches, Paul W will be banking on a quiet week in the box to maintain his position, 2 wins from any of those below him could be all it takes to put him in the relegation zone.

Box 3 also remains unchanged, with Edith comfortably sitting at the top of the table. With 3 players not having played a match this rotation it looks like it’s being handed to her on a platter, and leaving open the possibility for three relegations this time around.

In Box 4, Jonathan jumps up to 1st place taking a 3-0 win off of me (the scoreline doesn’t do it justice, i swear). With only 1 match left to play, I still have a slim hope of promotion, but it’s going to be a tight one if the anticipated flurry of matches comes to pass, I could very well find myself going down at the end of this rotation.

In Box 5 nothing has changed, with Robyn sitting in the top spot, nigh uncatchable at this point!

Box 6 is finally off to the races with a win for Andrew O’Connor over James Martin (3-1) taking both of them up to the promotion zone.

Box 7 is where it’s all happening this week, with wins for Robert against Scott (3-1), Scott against David (3-0) and David against Garry (3-1), leaving both Scott and Garry in 1st and 2nd places respectively and both with all their matches played (well done chaps!). Stewart still has a chance at promotion if he can pull of 2 wins against Archie and Robert, but the best hope lies with Archie at the moment, who only needs to take a single game in either of his remaining 2 matches to be promoted, and a single match win to snatch 1st place from Scotts hands.

Box 8 is unchanged, with Jaime in the top spot. the battle for 2nd place continues.

Box 9 is also unchanged, with Angela in 1st place and Hugh hot on her heels, with Alex fighting to make the promotion cut.

Box 10 is also unchanged this week, With Ann in an unassailable position and only 2nd place to fight for.