The Box League Weekly Update!

Welcome everyone to another weekly update! Sorry for the late posting this week, its been a busy one!

With club champs well up and running there are a flurry of games all over the place! It’s a wonder that any box matches are played at all, but they are bubbling with activity too!

In Box 1, Abid is making his move! Clearly taking the opportunity to size up the competition for the Club Champs, Abid sails through both Craig Rothnie and Raymond to put himself squarely at the top of the box! It was only Craigs ability to take a game off of Abid that left him in second place by a single point. The rest of the box is going to have a hard time time catching Abid now!

In Box 3, Edith finds herself in a similar situation, having won her next match 3-0 against Ruairidh. Things are a bit tighter here, Edith having fallen to Brian earlier in the rotation, so very much still up for grabs to those yet to play a match!

Box 4 still seems very undecided. Jonathan manages to take a win over Adrian (3-1) to put himself in joint 1st place with Ben. It won’t be a position he holds for long, the decider between myself and Adrian is going ahead this evening, and the winner will find himself up in 1st place by 2 clear points. This is going to be a very close faught box!

Boxes 5 and 6 remain unchanged this week. Those in Box 6 are going to have to start thinking about getting their games in, you’re running out of time guys!

In Box 7 Archie is holding onto the top spot by his fingernails as Ramsay come up behind him on the back of a pair of wins over Garry and David. Ramsay’s earlier loss to Scott is the only thing separating Archie and Ramsay now, the deciding games are going to be both players games against Robert, and then against each other! Robert played his first game of the rotation this week, taking a win over Garry, who still sits in 3rd place and within striking distance of the top spot, but with only one match left to play he’s going to need the win to stay in contention!

In Box 8 the games have been flowing thick and fast this week, particularly from Jaime who has managed to clock up 4 separate wins over Kirsten (3-1), Peter (3-0), Sophia (3-0) and Richard (3-0). This leaves Jaime in an almost unassailable 1st place position. Next rotation he’s going to be coming up against some stiff competition!

Box 9 remains mostly unchanged with only one match played. Gordon manages to take a win off of Angela (3-0), putting a slight dent into her triumphant march through the box, although it’s still going to be a tough order for anyone else to catch her at this stage!

In Box 10 we have the first clean sweep of the rotation! Ann manages to put away a pair of wins against Nicola and Steph to put her in an absolutely unassailable 1st place! With all of her matches played, and all of them wins, its fair to say Ann will be looking forward to the challenge of Box 9 next rotation! Goan yer sell Ann!