The Box League Weekly Update!

The penultimate week of the rotation has seen a massive burst of matches! There’s been some great games and a lot of drama as people scramble to get their games in. Keep up the pace Eagles!

Box 10

Janine finishes off her run in this rotation with a final win against New-comer Steph (3-0). Steph was slightly outclassed during this match, but she’s keen to get her games played and improve. She’s going to be one to watch as her awareness on court improves with practise! With all of Janines games now played, the only question now is can anyone catch her?

Alex is certainly making a solid attempt! With a win against Steph (3-0) he moves to within 10 points of runaway Janine! Will he have the time to get his last 2 games in?

Box 9

Jaime has secured first place in Box 9 with a win in his final match of the rotation, this time against Angus (3-0). Although the quality of the squash played was somewhat hampered by a pair of rather severe hangovers, Jaime will be happy with result, and Angus will be eyeing up the possibility of 2nd place, which is still very much up for grabs!

Speaking of 2nd place Peter is certainly staking his claim, with first a win over Puala (3-0) and then another 1-0 win over Ann. Peter mentioned that in the match with Paula, there were times when he feared for his life! She is fierce! Ann commented that returning his serves was always a challenge, but when she did the resulting rallies were pretty good, she’ll be happy that her shot selection is definitely improving! The combination of a good serve followed by a good drop shot nabbed Ann a few points, and Peter is going to need to work on movement on court to counter it!

Box 7

Robert makes his debut into the rotation with a close but ultimately decisive set of games against David (3-1). David couldn’t say enough on the quality of Roberts game, he’s certainly expecting this young member of the club to rise up through the boxes fast! Very soon he’ll be vying for the top spot in the upper boxes. Robert will be happy the training sessions are paying off! Keep up the momentum!

Box 6

In a disappointing match for Ben, Russell takes the biscuit with a 3-0 win. Ben just couldn’t seem to find his stride as Russell ran away with it in 25 clear points over the match. Ben particularly struggled with unforced errors, but from past experience I know Russell will have played his part in moving Ben around the court to great effect. Ben is still sitting comfortably in 2nd place, though he’s on a shoogly peg there, its still anyone’s game in Box 6!

Box 5

In Andrews first match of the rotation after sunning himself in Cyprus for a month I managed to take advantage of him being out of practise to snatch a 3-0 victory. The games are always close against Andrew as we play a very similar style of game, but ultimately it was Andrew’s lack of accuracy on his drop shots that cost him the match. He’ll certainly be looking to redeem himself before the rotation ends!

Box 4

In the first match of the rotation in box 4 (get your skates on guys!) Pravin manages to claim a vicotry over Paul Hannh (3-2). Pravin puts the win down to divine intervention, with the hands of the old gods and new guiding the ball straight into every nick on the court! with Paul taking 2 games however, the result is all but decided in box 4! May the graces of the squash gods guide them to happy matches!

Box 3

In a “monster battle” (not very flattering Jonny!) Edith came out strong against a slightly apprehensive Jonny, to stake her claim to the top of Box 3. It wasn’t to be however as Jonny clawed his way back on top in a 5 game massacre (3-2)!

In a second win for Jonny this week, Ben stumbled with a series of sub-par drop shots to allow Jonny to slide up to the top of Box 3 (3-0). Jonny claims that although the counter drops from Ben made up for the initial lapses in quality, the final result tells a tale of too little too late in this case!

Box 2

In an extremely close match with some properly high quality plays, Graham manages to take the win from Sandy by the skin of his teeth (sorry Paula, I do know it’s not actually a thing!) Graham commented after the match that with a good run of matches under Sandy’s belt he could definitely see him playing up in box 1 some time soon!