Box Leagues Roundup

This is the first roundup post of the box leagues which will be a monthly post with news and information by Euan McGarvie at Scotstoun Eagles. Our open box leagues can be found here:

Happy new year!

This is just a quick email to let you all know that from this point on I’ll be taking on the role of managing the box leagues, with help from Martin when necessary. So if you run into any issues regarding the boxes don’t hesitate to get in touch with either of us.

The new box rotation is now published, with the box sizes (mercifully) reduced in size! From this point on they will run for 5 weeks. This should help with making sure everyone gets the chance to play all of their matches, as in general it averages as one match a week.

At the end of each rotation I’ll be announcing the biggest points winners, and special mentions for those in all of the leagues who have managed to take the bonus points for playing all of their matches as well as some other fun facts and figures for those that care.

The top 5 points winners from last rotation were:

1) Andrew Widelko – 47 points

2) Archie Niven – 40 points

3) Sophia Grant – 39 points

4) Angela Hopkinson – 39 points

5) James Crowhurst – 35 points

All games played:

James Crowhurst, Tom Blakeman, Paul Wynne, Ben Anderson, David Naylor, Andrew Widelko, Archie Niven, Sophia Grant, Angela Hopkinson.

Best win/lose ratios:

1) Andrew Widelko   +9

2) James Crowhurst  +6

2) Tom Blakeman  +6

2) Andrew Cadamy  +6

5) Fraser Thomson  +5

5) Stewart Ramsay  +5

5) Robyn McApline  +5

Have fun everyone!
Well done!
And good luck!
Euan McGarvie